Easy wins with iPad 1:1

A blog for those starting with iPads, other tablets and GoogeDrive.

OK, I am not a digital guru – I am not an Apple Distinguished Educator or a Google Certified Teacher – I am just a straight-forward teacher. My subject, geography, loves to make connections across the world – it is all about the world environment and its population – so, I think I am on to a winning combination with the power of some iPad technology as well.

My classes (8th, 11th and 12th  grade – year 9, 12 and 13 in UK) have their iPads, we have GoogleDrive, an interactive whiteboard and the wifi switched on.

Here are my observations and tips – basic stuff stuff, but I hope it helps

  1. It’s handy if everyone is running the updated version of the app – make life easy on that one. Don’t assume they will all be hungry to do this without being told.
  2. Make sure everyone has access to a GoogleDrive folder of shared resources – go for ‘view only’ option just some one of them doesn’t accidentally delete it!
  3. Get them to create a shared folder into which they will put their work to mark – this should be shared with the teacher with edit permission. They name it with their name and the subject.
  4. Sort out how you are going to manage your end of this – workflow is key to smooth and easy teaching – tech is a facilitator, it mustn’t get in the way. SOrt out your own hierarchy – you don’t want to have to crawl around your ‘shared with me’ area all the time.
  5. Check that they know how to open a doc in an other app – surprised me this one as they didn’t know, but you can see how it is possible to miss. Give them a choice of which app to use to edit – some like to type (Pages) others to write and may be type too (Notability is an easy winner).
  6. Get them working in pairs on something interactive on a GoogleDoc. We going to work up a questionnaire survey with a class in the US (St Louis) who are going to join us thanks to @daviddoherty02 – collaborative work is so powerful. The GoogleDoc will be able to be shared with the class in the US
  7. Set the class on a collaborative research project in routs of three may be? Great for those who find deadlines a problem – GoogleDoc holds them accountable to their peers  – not just my words either, but from one of my class in 12th grade (U6th).
  8. Use an app like Notability as your interactive whiteboard, discover Reflector app and mirror display to the whiteboard so you can walk the room and write to the board, live. Remember those days of having to turn your back on the class to writ rite on the board? Not anymore!
  9. Follow some great digital learners – check the #mlearning hashtag on twitter for some more advanced ideas.


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