Animated presentations – Tellagami

Tellagami bills itself as an app that allows you to make a short, animated video.

My own experience using this was quite surprising. My initial reaction was that this was a gimmick but on closer inspection and looking at some examples of teachers using it, I was more intrigued. Students in my class had a similar reaction. They could see that it might be quite fun to have a little animated character on-screen speaking their voice but it would also perhaps be quite annoying.

The real value came when they realised that the character could speak (in an accent of their choice) typed text. This meant that students could, literally, have a voice in their presentations without being distracted by hearing their own voice played back to them.

Dialogue and debate within the presentations then came alive as characters took on different voices.

This means that students are more likely to listen back at what they have written. How many times do teachers plead with their students to read over their work before handing it in? In this case, students are compelled to listen to their own work and will do so repeatedly to ensure that the content is correct.

See the final result of the work here.

See more iPad in Geography materials here


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