Asking questions – immediate feedback with Socrative

Update: July 2014 Socrative 2.0 has been launched – I will update this post when I have a chance! The interface is now a little different but the same ideas apply.

Note: This post is based on Socrative pre 2.0 version.

Socrative student clicker app

Socrative teacher clicker app

Instant feedback in the classroom. True / false, short answer or long answer questions. Live results or tracking the progress of the class through their questions direct to the teacher’s screen. Summary of the quiz exported directly to the nominated email account of the teacher. This app has it all for instant feedback. Running a Socrative quiz allows you to see what the class as a whole knows at any given point. It is a world away from asking for ‘hands up’ and it is a far more comprehensive version of writing a quick answer on a small whiteboard to hold up.

Two how-to videos to get you going:

So think about how this might work in the geography classroom, perhaps combined with Geoguesser app?.

Next post: Where is that? Geoguesser


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