Collation using Flipboard

You know that you have something special going on in your geography classroom when the students are more aware of what is happening in the world – they are actually following some news items!

Social media might be a way forward for them but you might have some concerns about encouraging your students in this direction too soon. Yes, they could be following some key feeds relevant to geography on twitter but there is another way forward.

Flipboard allows the teacher to compile a set of information from the internet – it could be from anywhere but I like to use news feeds for most of the time. Sharing the Flipboard with the students is as simple as giving them a hyperlink. They don’t have to join Flipboard. They can then view the content on their internet browser in this attractive format, or open in the app if they have an account.

If this works well for you and you feel able to get the students to get involved creating a Flipboard you can invite them to contribute to something that you have set up (they will need their own account to do this).

Here is an example Flipboard for a unit on USA geography

The class can thus draw up their own set of resources and you can guide them to the source areas. Each item that is ‘flipped’ into the board can have a comment added. This is easily long enough for a student to convey some context or to answer a short question posed by the teacher or by another member of the class.

Co-resourcing your lessons with your students. A very powerful way to promote learning.

If you are thinking about using twitter, follow this link.


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