Layering information using ThingLink

The ThingLink app will allow you to layer information – assigning text or an image or a video to a base image.

For the geographer this is amazing. Consider the ability to add labels and videos of coastline formation to an image of a particular stretch of coast. What about taking an screenshot of a map or satellite image and then adding text, video and images to this in the correct location? After all, one of our major issues in geography is enabling students to understand the significance of location.

Even better, what about helping your students to do this as well?

All they need is the app (free), an account (free) the original image, links to youtube and further images on their camera roll.

The final product can be shared by an email link. You could also consider setting a Thinglink for homework – a much more ‘live’ way of giving resources than a list of hyperlinks.

Next post: immediate feedback with Socrative


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