Writing up: better content, looking great with templates

What if you are looking for a quick, formal outcome from a lesson or a homework? You want the student to concentrate on the content that they produce and you dread them becoming distracted by choosing the font, the layout, basically anything and everything other than the actual geography work!

This is where Pages can help by using the template options. My favourites are the newsletters but the others are good too. Fewer to choose from than the portfolio in MSWord but that can be a good thing as it is more simple and less distracting.

Get the students to stick to the layout as given. As a geography teacher I want to make sure my students understand the places they are writing about. I want them to visit them – usually this is going to be in image or video. By tapping on the + in the bottom corner of the images in the template the student is prompted to choose a photo from the camera roll. There is space under the image which the student will want to fill with a suitable comment (just to get rid of the ‘latin’ script) and they will want to then make other suitable notes in the main body text area.

Think about making presentations more striking and also faster using HaikuDeck


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