Explain Everything: the ultimate app in any classroom?

There has been so much written about Explain Everything that there is absolutely no need to write an extra blog, which is fantastic! A quick view of Dan Edwards’ site will give you an instant flavour of how important this app could be in your classroom.

Video is from Learning Technology at Ohio State

Explain Everything in the geography classroom

  1. Don’t just annotate a fieldsketch, talk about it as well. Yes, you can do this in Notability but you are not going to get an MP4 file out of it that you can pop onto your YouTube account as an unlisted link with Notability. You are with Explain Everything. Much more versatile and better for longer term storage.
  2. Use a template map and talk information onto it. How often do students refer to different places in the world but not really know where they are or how they fit into a bigger picture? This example is plotting the ‘made in’ locations for a piece of work about ‘My Globalised Home’.  
  3. Compare and contrast two images on the screen at the same time. It’s so simple to do and students can talk their way through their explanations as well as adding written text.
  4. The student that just won’t or can’t write enough to access higher marks? Get them to do an Explain Everything video to add to their work. Show them that they can unlock their own learning!
  5. Role-play write ups. I am fairly traditional in that ‘pretend you are a farmer in Mongolia, tell me what your life is like’ sounds pretty improbable if you live somewhere like rural England! However, there is a bit more of a chance  if some multimedia can be embedded into the work. There is a point in getting students to empathise with issues in far distant places. Adding some images and perhaps a video from YouTube as well might just help.
  6. What taking an existing video from YouTube and overdubbing a new voiceover? You could do that in iMovie by adding your own audio file, but with Explain Everything you could combine written notes on the side in your final video output.
  7. Go over exam scripts in class question by question? Never again. What is the point of boring students telling them how to get the marks that they already know about? You need individual advice so do some screencasts of each question and direct the students to look up the ones that they need. Then spend your (saved) time helping students one to one or in small groups. Win, win.

May be your finished product could be displayed as a QR code or as Augmented Reality so the whole class can view it?

See a finished example project using a mix of Explain Everything, iMovie, Tellagami and another app or two.


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